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On Being A Spinster

As seen from my website and my facebook pages and my intermittent blog posts, I've got a created bent to me.

I didn't realize I was a crafty person for so many years. I didn't. But I was. I always made things with my hands. Yet, I didn't think I was creative. It is amazing how one perceives oneself.

As a teenager I made a quilt from scratch, hand stitched the entire thing. My 20s and 30s. I taught myself how to make hand beaded with seed beads jewelty. It was challenging. I had a boyfriend and I made him an amazing pair of hand embroidered pants. I learned to crochet. I made hats and scarves and .... I then learned to make my own salves and tinctures for the health of my family ... and I can cook.

So, then next up was soap making. And you see where that went. I am pretty good at making soap, blending scents for perfumes and creating kick ass body care.

I finally got my nerve up and the opportunity a few years ago to start weaving and I absolutely adore it. I now have a room with two floor looms and usually have 2 projects going there and I'm still taking classes which has me working on a third project. There is more to learn than there are hours in the day and I can be busy doing this for the rest of my life. I will always be learning and growing. I am enthralled.

Now I am addressing this other fiber related issyoo. Years ago I got an amazing opportunity to do part cash and trade for a spinning wheel. For some reason I wasn't able to figure out how to use it. Call me derp. I struggled and finally got over it and sold it when I realized that it wasn't the wheel. it was me. I needed a different wheel. I sold it and the woman who has it is happy.

Last summer I purchased a new wheel and after the holiday busy season I was able to sit down and teach myself to spin. I figured this would be a relaxing craft. I can do this for and chill. LOL

Omg. What an interesting world ... I realized that there are as many ways to spin as there are to weave and to make soap combinations and on and on. ...

So, as I write this I am realizing that there are many types of spinning for many types of fibers .. long draw, short dray, spinning from the fold, using roving or top or batt or rolag or this or that or this and that and on and on ...

Sheesh. I will never sleep again.

But, I've decided for me at this moment that I am going to spin and not worry if I am making worsted or wool or making finger or this or that. I am going to spin. I am going to have fun. I will spin and use color and fibers and change it up ... making art yarn. If I am in the mood for a fat yarn, I'll make that. If I want to ply with thread I will. I am going to use some for weaving and maybe crochet. I am going to sell to folks who want to play with it and aren't needing perfect sizing or this or that and want to play too ... I need this. I need to just learn yet play.

So, right now I'm going to be a creative funky spinster. art yarn don'tchaknow.

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