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Sunday Morning Musings

Sunday mornings/early afternoon musings I have a fairly flexible life. I work from home and being self employed I work weird hours as I'm inspired or need to. Sometimes I'll start earlier and end earlier. Sometimes I'll start later and end later. Often I'll start later and end earlier. Lately, I start and work a few hours then stop and then later at night 9-10 I'll start back up doing something else. I do my soap and body care biz during the day time and only during the week (except Saturday market). My fiber arts side is usually evenings and even into after midnight and I'll also do it during the day if my mood has me into it. I also do it on the weekends. 

Spinning is more of a chill time for me, so I don't consider it work. I spin yarn, I sell it so I can spin more yarn ... it's a paid hobby. It's the same for weaving, but I also want to sell the handwoven items to support my family. So, I try to have some kind of schedule to make sure I get things accomplished. A few years ago I had all day Thursday as my weaving day and would do my soap & body care biz the other week days (with Saturday am for market). Sunday would also be my weaving day. As my fiber arts has picked up in popularity I now do some every day. So, i've shifted to soap and body care a few less hours a day during the week inc Thursday and my fiber arts happening a few more hours more days. Anyway ... I don't do soap and body care on Sunday unless I have a show in the winter holiday time. I do take the morning for coffee, blogging or reflecting. I have recently added in getting some groceries, cleaning fridge out of older produce & food prep while doing laundry, clean bathroom and dust & vacuum/sweep. I must be getting older. Because I do enjoy this part of the week. After I take care of this, I can do whatever I want. Go on a walk or work on a fiber related project or spend time with family/friends. It's a good life. 

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