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A Quick Note on Palm

Yes, I use palm in my soaps, my lip balms and a few other items. Yes, there is massive deforestation with respect to the palm industry.

Yes, I pay attention to food labels and try to not consume foods filled with palm.

Back to the original statement. Faerie Made uses palm in soaps and some body care.

I want to quickly clear things up. I will be making label changes to my soap line to state: SUSTAINABLE palm so people don't walk away from my wonderful soaps. In fact, I use a fair amount of organic ingredients. I do not label with organic all over the labels. I also don't use the ingredient LOVE (technically not legal). Labeling laws state that one can't use the organic wording on labels as there are strict labeling laws and certifications that need to happen As such, I just use the ingredients. I will change to have sustainable added.

I do purchase organic ingredients when possible. If not organic, I definitely make sure it's as clean as can be. I won't use GMO ingredients, I only use food grade, my shea butter is sourced from an amazing collective and is raw and unrefined, my scents are all plant based essential oils, I do not use FD&C colorants, and my palm is organic and sustainable.

I've been meaning to share this.

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