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Time out is good for the soul

Taking time for yourself is a good thing. It's hard when you have a lot of responsibilities and or children in the home. However, it's so important. Take time. Take a time out. Retreat to your room.

Back in my past life I worked with victims and survivors of domestic violence and their children. When I was working in the shelter we offered a weekly support group for the women and also held them at the offices. I facilitated the one in the shelter and then when I ended up working at the office I was able to continue with the out of shelter support group.

For the most part the group was participant led ... we would discuss the dynamics of domestic violence and how it was impacted and had impacted their lives. Sometimes it would be specific to the persons in group and sometimes generic.

One of the things I liked to remind women was to remember to take care of themselves.

To have a room of their own. Or to create a space and time for their own selves. To have a sacred time for self. Even if it's in the living room or sneaking a bath while the children were napping.

It's important. Oftentimes we get caught up in life and we forget us. We are busy working, living, caring for others and we forget ourselves.

I live in a small house and have lived here for 2 plus decades. I have had my family here and my fur family and my business and it's been a challenge for me to create that very space I advocated for the women in my group to have. Now that my children are older and I only have one living in the home, it's easier for me to create the physical space. And I've done that including having my weaving room and my bedroom and everything ... just so. Energetically it's there. I cherish my solitude.

Thing is ... it doesn't have to be a room of one's own. It's a matter of making a space for you in the brain. For example, I take my tea time. I have a corner of the couch with my tarot deck and my books, a spot to sit my tea cup and I will sit there for half an hour or so in the evening. I'll read. I'll be quiet. Then, I'll go back to my busy life.

We all need it. The space to clear your brain. To take care of you. To be you. To do whatever makes you happy. For example, you have an hour or two to yourself. Make a cup of tea. Drag out a yoga mat. Grab a book or a journal or craft something. Whatever it takes to take care of you.

Time out ... a room of one's own. Insist on it. We all deserve a break.

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