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Blogging & Sharing & a MacBook

WELL HOLY SMOKES ... I just uploaded this damned post and get a message from Wix to download a freaking app for updating my website and blog. GO ahead and read anyway ... hahaha grr~

So ... I'm going to give this blog a try... it's been so very long since I've blogged. Wix doesn't have a way to blog via mobile (my iPhone). I tried to set up a blog with Wordpress so I could do this on my iPhone. However, it didn't work. For some reason it wouldn't let me upload pictures nor even upload the post itself. Thus the last few blog posts I did are in the netherworld of Wordpress. Also, we won't discuss my decade of blog posts lost to wherever. If I had extra moola I would hire someone to help me get it back ... I saw them on the way back machine. They're there. I will gladly trade soap for someone to help me.

Anyway, back to another reason I'm remiss in my blogging world. It's hard to blog when it's time to be printing up orders, shipping orders, or making product. The only computer working at the time was the one in my office. My house didn't have one. I have only so many hours in a day to work in my small cottage office. I need to leave there (even though it's on my property) and be with my home and family. Which is why I used my iPhone so much.

Wix is the program that I've designed my website on because I like using Ecwid shopping cart because it accepts Square payments. I was really interested in Shopify, but at the time they didn't have a plug in or app for Square and I like this merchant processor. They've been good for me. Six isn't good for updating my site and blogging, but my shopping cart is ... and to think about it, not sure if Shopify's blog section is mobile friendly.

Okay ... so fast forward to December. Now. I had decided that I really want a new MacBook, but they're $$$$$ and I'm not made out of money. I live and love my life, but I live simply. However, I put the word out to the universe ... I want a MacBook for the house. I need to be able to do some things in my house. I state my intention to get one.

My old 2006 MacBook is only for loading books on my kindle and storing my music and my old pictures. I have backed it up to a time machine to transfer at some point because the motherboard is tired and crashes. no way you can even use it for a video, it would crash. Facebook? it would crash.

A LOT. As as result, I don't use it except maybe for 10-30 minutes every three months or so and then I'm stressed it will be the last time I can use it.

I've wanted another MacBook for years ... so I can do computer things in the house. I can blog, I can update my website, I can do this and that, create labels, whatever ... I can send out newsletters ... my goodness, I only send out one or two a year because of lack of laptop. I can't be in the office all the time (playing single homeschooling momma card here). I can share things. I can save my stuff. I enjoyed blogging. It wasn't a chore. It was what I did. and I was quite regular about it.

On a Facebook group the other day someone posted that they had one for sale. 2011 MacBook Pro for $225. Her reason for selling is because she didn't like MacBook, she wanted a pc laptop. OMG. It's newer than my old tired MacBook. She had it for less than a year and mainly used it to surf the web. I can use it for blogging, for updating my website, for other things. I can take it with me. I can retire my old laptop. I can move my files here.

And I'm right now blogging and looking forward to sharing what I've been up to and record some of my happys. and creations.

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