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Okay ... Email went Wonky ... but it's back

So, yesterday I realized that my emails weren't coming through. I have had a hell time with creocommunico shutting down. The lack of communication has been horrible.

The busiest time of the year. Now there is no way to access the cpanel at all. I can't find my old emails. Fortunately most have been saved in my mail box on my office computer, but sheesh. What a total loser way to end a 13 year relationship.

$5 a month for Google apps for my email. I can have up to 30 aliases. They aren't going to decide to start a new career and drop the ball on folks.

I really hope I can figure out something to do regarding my old blog posts. I'm not thrilled that I'm not able to use my iPhone for blogging. It appears that I can only do this on a computer. I really wanted to use my iPhone since I can take awesome pics, upload to Wordpress (well, until it was all wonky) and then make a blog post.

I hope that Wix will step it up with this.

I'm still considering how to work this.

Challenges for 2016.

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