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Next up on my agenda with my blog saga

I was able to log into my cpanel and back up my files to my 100 year old macbook.

Next up is to see if wix will work with me on putting my wordpress blog on here (if they can) or if I can have it happen through wordpress and just make a new blog site over there at least to archive it.

I keep seeing all these archived posts of food related things I made. My heart hurts. I see archived posts of my life and if I click on it ... nada.

I am in a crunch to get this finalized before years end. What sucks is that I'm so busy with Faerie Made right now just keeping up with production and getting orders out that I'm not able to even think.

And my birthday is coming up. My dad's is. My son's is. And of course, Christmas.

Gotta do it alllll.

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