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So, it's 2019 and I've been organizing my office space to prepare for the new year. After the hustle of finishing the prior year I also take some time to clean up and move papers to file or shred (and work on taxes) etc.

I also do inventory and order supplies so that I can make product to last through out the winter and be ready for 2019 market season which begins early April.

January found me in sticker shock at the prices of some of the raw materials that I use. Some have increased by 15-20%. As a result, I realized that I have to do a price increase.

I also found a sale sheet from 2012. I looked at it and some items I've discontinued and some I've kept. One thing I've noticed is that I haven't changed pricing since 2012 except for some that I've reduced the pricing!

That is 7 years now. I have sold my products at the same price. I have absorbed the increased cost of supplies because I know how it is to want something nice and also afford it. But I can't any more.

I am not going to significantly raise everything because I feel I can continue to keep some items at same pricing. Just a few. I don't want you all to experience the same shock I had. Soaps are going up 50 cents a bar, but I've added a 3 for $19 to my site which I haven't had for a while. My balms are increasing by $1 a container.

Other changes? I have had problems with my bottles leaking during shipping of my Facial Cleansing Oil and my Pester Me Not spray. I am not sure what to do with respect to shipping. I am considering going back to the balm with the Pester Me Not .... but the cleansing oil? I can't do that. I am going to look at different packaging options. Or do away with the pump and get a different cap. I am not sure yet.

I don't want to stop making it, that's for sure. It's good stuff.

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