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Florence then Winter

Just got finished with the stress about hurricane Florence heading thru the Carolinas. Thing is, the eastern part of the state was smacked down. We didn’t get it so much here in the mountains. And the sun is out this morning.  

But it did cause stress and anxiety. I got my gutters cleaned and a hole filled that some nasty critter(s) dug at the foundation. Worried about the basement flooding. It’s never really been a problem except when gutters get full and critters dig. I was pondering a French drain, but now I’m thinking to just keep gutters cleaned and fill holes. The gutters weren’t bad, the home was the issue. Gotta love quickcrete. When it gets where I’m having to use my shop vac and immersion pump after a hard rain it feels pretty bad. It reminds me that I’m not getting younger, you know. And neither is my house. It needs work. Lots more than I have cash for. My sweet father passed away and he left a bit of money for his family. I paid most of my debts (including a horrible vet bill) and am doing some rehab on my house. Not much, but I’m hoping to put out a few fires or as they say “put lipstick on the pig”. Paint the outside and my little building I work out of. Address some areas on the roof (can’t do a new roof too $$$) and maybe update my bathroom. Replace broken screen on back deck and put some lattice fencing up to keep my terriers from going under the little building and cornering critters. ... I’ve got critter issues. Rats, raccoons, possums, and groundhogs. Main thing I want is I’d like a walk in shower so that I’m not dealing with steps in and out ... yes. I have to climb up a step and into the tub. It looks cool, but isn’t the safest and we never take baths anyway. 

But this is an “I digress” moment. Florence reminds me that I need work on my house. Florence reminds me that I’m dealing with limited funds for work on my house. And being September, hurricane season and all ... Florence reminds me that winter is coming. I’ll be making money and being busy next few months. But winter is coming and my finances will drop so significantly and that scares me. Every year I struggle to put aside finances to help get me through the winter and every year something comes up. *sigh* One day at a time as they say. I know, but still ... winter is coming.  

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