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Today’s happy.

Today’s happy: * My childhood bed was a pretty 4 poster canopy bed. It was my mother’s dream bed that she had purchased for her daughters. When I was little I slept like a princess with my pink brocade canopy and bed spread. * As a young adult I got it back when mom and dad downsized and slept on it in my room. The canopy had broken over the years but it was still a lovely well made bed. I got a larger bed eventually and my niece used it for a few years and then I got it back. * When my daughter became older she used it as her first “big girl bed”. It’s been through the wringer! The posters were breaking and wood glue wasn’t working well. Haha * Recently she graduated to a more modern looking frame and here I was. Small house. Minimal storage. And no idea what to do with the bed. * So, I talked to my sister and we decided to let it go. We had feelings and sad. After grieving we moved on. I listed it for free on Facebook marketplace. Hoping someone would want a 4 poster full size bed for their little girl. * I was contacted by a woman who wanted it. She and her husband took unwanted bed frames and made benches. I asked how much and they told me and said if I wanted this, they’d give me a price break. ($50 total!!!) * They took it and upcycled it and painted it and returned it this morning. Two of the posters they kept natural and bored out a part for candle holders. The heart detail on the side was where my daughter had drawn a heart in pen on the side. They wood engraved it for memories. * My happy. So very happy.  

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