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Keeping up with it.

Part of being a self employed artist/craftsperson is keeping up. It’s my off season and I should be cranking out soaps and body care like there ain’t end in sight preparing for the season to begin. Oh and weaving up a storm. And spinning. I am busy. But no stock to show. 

Funny thing is folks are buying and it’s reminding me that I’m not having the down time to do major restock. Markets are starting up in a month. 


I’ve got to really hunker down and get to it. Today is Saturday (haha I thought it was Sunday which means I’m losing track of days of the week which is one of my inner hippie goals to be in the moment). 

So, I’m not gonna take the day off. It’s Saturday, Tina. Derp. You played the other day when it was in the 70s and sunny. 

I’m making my work schedule for today: 3 batches of sugar scrubs, ordering supplies, weighing out soap oils, working on taxes and I even brought up my work computer to the house (gag) and then winding two warps for towels (colors already chosen) and one for a scarf with my homespun(!) and weaving. And I’ll do some spinning. 

I’ve always started my day by drinking coffee and making my list of the days duties but also aware that I’m a single mom and need to have flex time. 

But first coffee and a book while sitting outside 🤓

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