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Disconnecting ... it's not a bad thing

I know I post about social media obsession and disconnect. Maybe it's because I'm getting older and the glamour is wearing off.

For Christmas I got a gift certificate for a local used book store. This past Sunday I decided to go there and pick up a book or two. I texted a friend who is an inspiration to lay low on social media. She took a time out from Facebook and Instagram, deciding to spend one on one time with people and engage in real life. I appreciated that and it has allowed me to find a bit more balance (although it appears that I'm on a lot. More on that later).

She was the one I thought of as I decided to browse shelves in a used book store.

When I arrived there I texted her to see if she was inside and her response?


It's like the emerald city in here"

We chatted and browsed and then parted ways. I wanted all the books, but being a good girl I only got 4.

So excited to sit down and get lost in a book. I've always been a lover of reading. In fact, I read a lot and when I'm not reading I am listening to audiobooks. The library has them free. I listen to them while working or weaving or spinning and I listen when I'm driving.

Reading and crafting keeps me busy. It helps me to not be so involved in the parts of social media which makes me spend too much time not doing anything. Yes, I admit I can get sucked into Facebook or Instagram and not accomplish other things. So, I'm working on doing it less. I get the need for social media for my business. I get the need for social media to learn. I am actively perusing youtube and facebook groups to learn more and hone my newer crafts (I feel pretty comfortable with my soap making business, but there is more to learn with respect to weaving and other spinning. a life time. )

I don't drop out all the way. I'm learning and the internet has a wealth of information.

I don't drop out all the way. I have customers who are wondering what I am working on and what I am up to.

I don't drop out all the way. I have friends who I've made over the years who care about me and me them.

But I am going to make sure that I take the time to engage in real life connections. I am going to listen to an audiobook while I make soap or weave or spin. I am going to spend time with friends and family.

I am going to read a book.

Oh and as I post this on my blog ... I do wonder if anyone reads it. I don't mind doing it for me. But I wonder.

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