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Musings as we end 2017

 I’ve been doing Faerie Made for over 15 years. My business was growing at a crazy rate for years. I had people working for me. I had sales reps in different regions. I did trade shows etc. one day I realized that I really wanted to not be that big. I began Faerie Made so I could be there for my family. To live my life. And I was so busy I was losing that. I reeled it in.  I am bringing in less money now. And that sucks, but I can be more flexible. I want to make products, pack and ship orders, do my markets and a few shows. I have so many telling me to ramp it back up and move forward again. I could do that. I have an excellent product and a stand out brand. But I really don’t want that any more. I do want a bit more financial comfort. I live hand to mouth at times. But I don’t want to lose my soul.


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