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Smartphone Disconnect

Smartphones disconnect us from who we are physically with. It's so sad that we do this. I'm guilty of it in the past and I still do it when feeling awkward.

I've worked hard to put it away so I can be with and give attention to those I'm with in person. I get the addiction.

I've seen it at live music events. Folks are so busy staring at their phones to record rather than being in the moment. Or a magnificent sunset. Straining to take the perfect image rather then sitting and reflecting and being.

My hope is we can all remember to be present with the person in the room and the moments happening in our life rather then worrying how it will play out on our 4.5 inch electronic device.

I'm going to continue to put my phone away. I'll peek to make sure my family is safe and ok, but I need to remember to "be here now"

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