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So, I have been crafty as usual ... life is so amazing and it allows me to be creative and support my family. I've spent the past decade and half doing my Faerie Made, but I am seeing another aspect of evolution. I am still doing my Faerie Made line ... handmade soaps. body care. perfumes.nail polish. It's all good. In fact, I'm going to add some soy wax candles to my line.

My creative fiber arts is expanding and I'm now offering my handwoven items at both of my tailgate markets and online.

I am calling my handwoven line Faerie Fabrications. I am still learning and it will be a life time learning process.. But selling the items I'm hand weaving allows me the opportunity to purchase more yarn, pay for more classes and also to expand my knowledge base and maybe purchase some groceries ;)

I am slowly adding a few things here and there to my Faerie Fabrications page. I'm mainly offering kitchen towels, table runners and wall hangings, but Ive also created a few lovely scarves. This week I just got in a lot of gorgeous silk and I foresee scarves and shawls in my future.

Off the loom this past week are these towels and I'm about to start warping my little Saori loom for wall hangings, then my other loom for more towels and maybe a table runner ... and I'm working on a bamboo yarn scarf ... I'm hooked.

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