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Sugar Scrubs

I make excellent sugar scrubs. I just do. This is not bragging, but fact. 

In fact, I don't make and sell anything I don't feel great about. And I really like my sugar scrubs. Once a perfect of formula, I put it in production and I feel confident.

On my production board for the day: 50 pounds of our shea sugar scrub scented in Rosemary Mint for a local spa. They use it in their treatment. It's that good. I am also making my smaller sizes for retail. 

What I like about my sugar scrubs is the fact that it serves a dual purpose. Maybe a triple purpose? It's main purpose is to exfoliate and moisturize. It is also a fantastic exfoliating shaving balm. After using, and rinsing clean. You're not left greasy, but just delicious.

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