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Women's March on Washington

Things are shaking up here in the USA and I'm not happy. Actually, I'm terrified. 

After the election, a Facebook event went viral. A women's march on Washington for the day after the election. Sister marches were being scheduled for same day around the globe. I was going to the local one. 

So, last week I saw my friend had room left in her van for the Washington trip. My daughter and I rode up with her and other women.

I have so much to say, notes I've been saving. Because it impacted me on so many levels. I'm not quite ready to share. But I wanted to make a blog post. 

First and foremost the march. The gathering of over 500,000 people has empowered me. I'm still scared. I'm still feeling unsure. But for one day it was a collective effort. And I'm seeing it continue because we are not alone in this. We are not alone. I'm not done. 

#womensmarch #solidarity

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