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ohohohohoh! Blogging yay!

So, a friend of mine may be able to restore my blog posts I lost last year.

I've missed my blog so much. all these years of blog posts. all the words I typed and thoughts and pictures and things and this and that.

I have enjoyed having a computer in the house because it's allowed me time to work on my blogging. I am not too annoyed with the Wix blog app, but because of the bs with what I've experienced when the host person I had my old site and my blog hosted on decided to be done doing what she did and I ended up scrambling ... well I kind of wouldn't mind being able to have it hosted elsewhere in case I want to leave Wix and have a site developed elsewhere. I don't want to lost the posts I've done here.

Which haven't been many because

1) no computer in the house and no time to write when I should be packing orders or making soap

2) I'm worried that I'll lose my words like what happened

3) mainly the above 2 ... I've been pouting.

So, I'm doing a bit of look see to see how I can get a Wordpress blog on here. It appears I can have it as a subdomain. if that's the case and I can get my old posts and then I will just copy/past whatever these posts I've done here and then use those.

we shall see. fingers toes and eye crossed here.

#blogging #business

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