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Winter ...

We just had what I hope is one of the only cold spells this winter. I mean, I don't mind snow. In fact, I like a good fluffy 6-8 inch deep snow which is pretty and makes it all so quiet and I can stay in and make soup and read or weave ...

And we got that snow. However, it was cold. I don't like bitter cold. I know my dear friends and folks who live in the places where it gets in the -40s with windchill and etc ... but dang. Teens and Single digits don't make me happy. What's wrong with getting a snow and it being warmer? LOL. and I can go out and walk and not be miserable.

So, I've been snowed in for days. I can get out and about, but I don't have to. So I stayed put for a few days. I have continued to clean my house and get it decrapified including cleaning all my jewelry. I have a scary drawer in the kitchen to attack this evening. I will move more clothing out. I have my weaving room to look at ... but I think I don't really have much to move out in there. It isn't that I'm a yarn hoarder ... because I'm trying hard to not be and use it up before I get more. (Although, I do think I need to get some tencel for bamboo in natural for warps for scarves ... Heh.)

I also have to get in my bathroom and get rid of things in there. I don't need most of the things I have. I have old make up, hair ties that I don't use, towels that have seen their better day and can be repurposed for cleaning rags, etc.

Once the inside of the house is complete ... my office. (and paperwork) BLAH

But as I work on all this during the winter (I do my spring cleaning during my slower season) I also am keeping busy with waking in the morning to sunrises like this which. happen in the winter ...

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