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Sayonara 2016! Welcome 2017!

Happy New Years Day to my beloved planet Earth!

We are entering another year according to a calendar created by humans to understand the passing of time.

Sure, why not.

However, time is just a construct. I mean, sure ... we have day, we have night. we have dawn, we have sunset.

We have seasons ...

So, I guess we have seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years.

The way I best operate and the way I preferred living my life was to wake up when I was ready and go to sleep when I was ready. I lost track of days of the week. It's pretty awesome. Just living and being.

I live this way a bit. I do have some attachment to time ... my daughter has classes she has to be at on certain days. So we will have to be attached to time on that. I have a few markets during the season that I attend. So we have to be attached to time on that.

It's okay ... I have a phone. It reminds me. Otherwise ... I wake up when I'm ready to and I go to sleep when I want to. I eat when I'm hungry. I like that.

2017 ... No resolutions. Just intent.

What are my intentions for 2017? Less attachment to the outside. more to the inside. I think 2016 was pretty horrible based on the outside. Celebrity deaths (still mourning David Bowie), the election from hell... loss of democracy (in my opinion) in the USA.

I need to get back to focus on hearth and home. focus on what really matters ... my family. my immediate surroundings. yes, I'll protest and rebel injustices. But I spent a great portion of my 2016 scared and concerned because of the outside.

Less on the memes and one liners on Facebook. Less on the news and fears. Back off.

Family, Dogs, Food, Plants, Soap, Weaving. Creating. Reading. Loving, Living

2017. I welcome you.

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