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My Holiday Happys

Today is the day after Christmas. I have had my usual crunch of no days off and running around making product, packaging product, selling product and repeat.

I kept it together with the exception of a few melt downs. I finished up, got my holiday shopping finished for my family and house decorated and it happened. As usual. I always am amazed at the magic of the holiday season and how it happens in my life.

This year has been hard. In fact, there are a lot of "memes" of how 2016 sucked with all the artists passing away (and yes, I'm mourning the loss of David Bowie. He was one of my all time favorite musicians). The election, for me, has been absolutely horrific. I am stunned. I am dismayed. I am scared.

But, there isn't much I can do about that except to keep speaking my truth and hope that folks will hold the upcoming person who is #notmypresident accountable.

Focusing on the negative is exhausting. So, while I'm going to keep on with making sure my planet is safe for me and mine ... I'm also going to continue to remember the happys.

Which brings me back to my happys for the holidays ... After I delivered my last wholesale order for the season on Christmas Eve to my local natural foods store by my house, it was time to be off for a few days.

My family tradition has been for my children and I to go to my parents house to spend with my sisters and their family and mom and dad on Christmas Eve. Then the next day is for us to be at home and do our Christmas morning.

It's been this way as my entire adult life.

As we live our life we create traditions. As we grow and evolve we create traditions. Different things work. And I like watching how life makes things happen. Old becomes new. New becomes how it is.

And happys happen if you look for them.

It has been a hard year. We lost musicians. We have someone who I find very scary coming into the White House.

But 2016 has been great for me in many ways.

I went over Christmas Eve and spent time with my parents. I still have my parents. My father is 92. My mother is 84. I have them. I got to see them, chat with them, hug them and kiss them.

My children are alive and healthy. I got to see them, chat with them, hug them and kiss them.

My life is rich and full of amazing people and pets who I love and who love me in return. I have good food to eat, a roof over my head. and love. I have a lot of love.

That is the best happy I can have. The rest is all relative.

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