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Missing blogging on a regular basis ...

I'm still mourning my lost blog from wordpress.

I also am missing the ease of use of blogging via wordpress. I have tumblr which i share my instagram pics to, but I'm not crazy about how it works.

I'm going to start researching a new blog medium where i can upload pics and do writing through my iphone. back in the day I had blogger. forwarded all my blog posts to wordpress. then i changed that to host on my own site. then it got lost when the host closed their biz.

then i've started here with wix, but the issue with wix is that i can't use it via my iphone. which sucks. wtf. get with the times, wix.

i know that wordpress is an option. and gso I am thinking of setting up a new wordpress site and then putting it where this blog section is even though it won't be mobile optimized.

I have so many pictures i'd love to share here.


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