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Business inside the house

We are fixing (mountain phraseology) to have a cold snap and I decided that it would be a good idea for me to consider bringing my little mac mini inside to work on my papework for taxes. My office is separate from the house and I like having a separation of work and home. I think it allows my brain to slow down, but it sure can be cold in the "little building" in winter. I usually run my baseboard heater AND an oil filled electric in there when I am labeling/shrinkwrapping and packing orders. I am moving around a lot, so it's tolerable. I wear warm shoes and it helps.

But sitting at the computer doing computery stuff like tax stuff doesn't work well. I get pretty chilled. It's winter and for a while it was mild (yay), but we are about to have a pretty chilly few days coming up.

I decided that I wouldn't mind a temporary option of moving the Mac mini into the house. It's small. It would be an easy thing to unhook the monitor and stuff and run it into the house. I'd have everything else inside. Just pull out and set up when it's gross. My feet would thank me.

I ran to Goodwill (which is one of my least favorite places to go) and picked up a monitor and keyboard. My goal: have everything set up to where I just have to carry the mac mini and do it on the cheap.

Ran back again to pick up a mouse because, duh. Need a mouse with a desktop. Total spent: $18.00

Got home. Realized I needed a power cord and a blah de blah cord to hook the monitor up. Started carrying parts from my monitor up. Okay, this is defeating my simply moving the Mac mini option.

Ran back for the third time to get a power adapter and the VGA (male to male?) cord. Spent another $11.00 and half hour of my life. At Goodwill.

Back home. Set everything up. Mouse won't work because I need a usb mouse so I had to bring up my mouse from and the keyboard space bar sucks. I have to press it hard and it's super loud AND this is one of those ergonomic keyboards and I no likey.

So, I have no desire to return the keyboard and mouse back to Goodwill today. I think I'll just put into my donation box and when I want to work inside, I'll just grab my Mac mini, my sweet Apple keyboard and my mouse.

At least the monitor works. And I like it better than the one in my office.

I wonder if Goodwill has another monitor like this? hmm ....


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