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A few thoughts ...

So, I have had a helluva time lately with my thoughts and fears and the shitstorm happening since trump took office.

I don't get how anyone who has a brain isn't concerned. What's been going on is just beyond comprehensible.

There are so many protesting in the streets and at airports and setting up rogue accounts to get the truth out.

Because the government is trying to silence folks. They are kicking press out who they don't like. They are calling them liars. They are saying that the trump gov isn't lying ... they are presenting "alternative facts" wtf. Alternative facts? Those are lies.

They are telling fed agencies to not tell the truth about the environment about science facts. They are oppressing and silencing and denying people.

They are sued and lose and ignoring court junctions .. they are banning folks from entering the US because of their religion.

I"ve been writing and calling my congresspeople and my senators to beg them to consider what's happening. To do something to protect the USA from these.

I've actually had a meltdown or 6 in the past few weeks. and we are just a bit over one week in to it.

I have so many notes I've been keeping about this that I want to write about, but damn. I'm numb. I am just numb. I cannot believe that my beautiful country is having this happen.

I am scared.

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