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Handmade Soaps

Our soap blend includes food grade olive, rice bran, organic, sustainable palm, and coconut oils to make our bars that much better for your skin.

Faerie Made soaps are a true soap, which means that we make it from scratch. We take the oils and nut butters and combine them with an alkali solution (sodium hydroxide and liquid) to make soap. After we do that, we have the soaps sit over night then cut and allow our soaps to cure a long time to create a mild, luxuriously lathering bar. This is as good as it gets.

Some of our soaps are further enhanced with goat milk, herbs, flowers & seeds, pure honey, clays from all over the planet and mineral pigments. All our soaps are vegetable based and many are vegan. We use organic sustainable palm in our line.

The majority of our soaps are VEGAN (no goat's milk, silk or honey) and noted in the description.

Faerie Made uses pure high quality essential oils to scent our soaps and no synthetic fragrances. Because of our passion for quality our soaps are a treat for your skin.

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