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Persephone Perfume

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As you know with Faerie Made you get the best. Our perfumes are made with only the finest essential oils, absolutes, resins and married in pure grain alcohol.


According to Greek Mythology, Demeter (Mother Earth), had a daughter. Persephone who she adored. Her daughter was a curious girl and ate a forbidden fruit that belonged to the god of the underworld. As a result, she had to go live with the god of the underworld for 3 months a year. During that time, Demeter would mourn and the world would go into hibernation with winter snows and cold winds.

At the end of the three months, Demeter's daughter was returned and her mother rejoiced. The flowers begin to bud, the grass grows, the snows melt. Spring is here.

This perfume is our vision of Mother Earth's reunion with her child. This is Faerie Made's play on the classic eau de cologne blend which I call a "Fae de Cologne" ... bergamot, neroli, orange, folded lemon and petigrain with herbal rosemary, lavender & a tad of lavender absolute, clove bud, benzoin and a kiss of vanilla.

This is our limited edition perfume for spring.

1/4 glass bottle

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