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Handwoven Ice Dyed Hand Dyed Cowl Scarf Cotton/Tencel Tencel

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Pretty pretty hand dyed and handwoven single loop cowl.

The warp is a lovely tencel cotton blend yarn with I left natural and wove with natural undyed tencel.

After I finished weaving I ice dyed it using professional dyes and ice in my studio. I love how the dyes break and create their own pattern!

16 wide in a single loop

I initially hand washed it and then tossed into the dryer. It behaved well and I feel it could be machine washed & dried. I just say hand wash on the care label if you’re worried.

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I took the images in natural light to best capture the color and tried to show it true.

Weaving is my happy place. This isn’t an easy process. I spend a lot of time pondering the patterns I want to weave and then I need to do the work of winding all the yarn into a warp and placing it onto the loom. Each piece of yarn is threaded through a reed and then the heddles. After all that, I wind the yarn on and barring no mistakes, I can then begin weaving. Many hours go into the process of weaving. Weaving is truly a labor of love.
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