Hand Dyed Handwoven Tencel Scarf

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These scarves are scrumptious and delicious drapey eco friendly tencel with amazing sheen. I hand dyed the warp (the long threads) and then wove it into three scarves using different colors for the weft. This listing is for one infinity scarf : 9x 37 inches (75ish inches doubled) Can be worn doubled, I’ve wrapped it twice around my neck and or hanging singly.

This is blues and greens and coppers and golds with some deep maroon/purple. The weft is a royal blue. 

There are longer “floats” on one side of the scarf which I didn’t plan. It looks cool, but it could snag if you’ve got a Labrador who wants to jump up on you (Eva, I’m looking at you) 

No other issues. 

I’ve done my best to capture the exact color. 

I took the images in natural light to best capture the color and tried to show it true.

If not I use my light box and try to show the best I can. 

Weaving is my happy place. This isn't an easy process. I spend a lot of time pondering the patterns I want to weave and then I need to do the work of winding all the yarn into a warp and placing it onto the loom. Each piece of yarn is threaded through a reed and then the heddles. After all that, I wind the yarn on and barring no mistakes, I can then begin weaving. Many hours go into the process of weaving. Weaving is truly a labor of love.

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