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Botanical Perfume OIL BASED

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Pure essential oils, resins and absolutes are combined in a perfume which uses a light oil (fractionated coconut oil) as the base. Apply to pulse points or a dab or two in your hair. Best part is that this container is ideal to carry in your pocket or purse.

These are our stock perfumes. Fall in love and know you can get these all year long. 

Chandan Rose

Sandalwood essential oil and pure rose absolute are paired together in this blend that has grounding indonesian patchouli, green lavender absolute, and a smidge of vanilla to soften. This perfume has a bit of a honey undertone to it. The beauty of this blend really comes out as it settles on the skin.

Wild Bergamot

Monarda (bee balm) and bergamot essential oils are enhanced with fresh lime and soft vanilla. The scent is a fresh powdery green, that has been described as "uplifting". This perfume is a great summer time blend and we have receved comments about how people are getting stopped by strangers commenting on how good they smell.

Sandalwood Amber

This perfume, which is a combination of heady sandalwoods and a mixture of various amber resins is our top selling perfume spray loved by men and women. The scent lingers mysteriously on the skin. This is our top selling perfume.

1/4 oz glass bottle

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