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Arnica Balm Muscle Rub

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Arnica flowers infused in pure olive And rice bran oil, unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax, make a lovely solid lotion stick. Menthol is added along with lavender and peppermint essential oils to our Arnica infused oil for deep tissue work. Massage our amazing Arnica Balm into the skin and allow the menthol, peppermint and the lavender to do the work. Keep away from eyes and other sensitive areas. This product receiving raves from athletes, massage therapists, and folks who just want a natural alternative to relieving their muscular aches.



1.2 oz tube

What Our Customers Have To Say:

"I ordered the muscle balm from you a few months ago and meant to tell you how WONDERFUL it is! OMG, it's like a twist up tube of MIRACLE that I can take with me anywhere. I'd been under the treatment of 3 doctors for my neck injury; was having to sleep elevated with a heating pad every night just to take the edge off the extreme pain. When I put your balm on, it seemed to penetrate straight into the tissue and the results were incredible. I'm skeptical of almost anything, even my own products. But this worked! It gave me just enough freedom of movement to where I could exercise my neck a little each day. I truly think this is what allowed me to get over that injury. There was just no way I could've moved my head at all before. Thank you so much for taking the time to research and create such a potently effective product!" Michelle B

"Having run several ultra-marathons from 50k to 90 miles, I have never felt as quickly recovered as when I used Faerie Made Arnica Muscle Rub. I could feel it working as I massaged it into my legs, and was thrilled about how much better my legs felt afterwards. I will continue to use this product after every ultra that I run." Adam H, Runner

"This really works!" Adrienne C, Massage Therapist

"I have been using this on my feet at night and it feels so good. I have arthritis and I really think this helps." EG

"one of my customers bought six arnica rubs (she bought them for her husband). anyhow, she was with her daughter when her daughter gave birth and used the arnica rub on her daughter's back during labor. she said it did the trick!" Julie

"My husband swears your arnica muscle rub is the only thing that helps his back after working construction all day" April F.

"This is the best! I use it on all my clients." Kat C., Massage Therapist, Transformative Touch Massage

"My daughter woke one morning with a vicious stiff neck and I swear if it weren’t for the Arnica Balm Muscle Rub, she’d probably still be walking around the house looking like Quasimodo and crying fat, pain-filled tears. It took exactly one day for the Arnica Balm to perform its magic. We rubbed and massaged it in all day, and the next morning, no stiff neck, no residual pain and no indication she had a problem to begin with." Justine C.,

"I got some stuff from your site for my mom's bd. she works out a lot and always complains about being all sore so i got her the muscle rub. she had a sore place in her back and had been talking about going to get a massage to help, but after putting your wonder rub on her back it was gone! she had been sore there for months. sounds like one of those stories people make up but it's true lol. she says thanks." Lynette

"This arnica balm is soooooooooooo wonderful" Cheryl


Arnica Rub is wonderful. Used it after my shower last night and slept

well without the sore shoulder every time I turned." Jackie B

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