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This is my first blog post

So, this is a new blog. I am interested to see how this will pan out with the site.

Right now I am really upset with where I had my website for a decade. I had to switch to this new site and create it on my own (and I'm thrilled with it ... so that's a perk)

But BUT when I switched my nameserver to here my decade plus of property. MY BLOG My writings. My musings, My recipes, My everything didn't go.

It's there. On the old server. In lala land. And I can't get an email, a call, an anything back from the old host.

It is there. It's my property. I am sure there is a way to recover it somehow.

and when I get it back, I'll put it back on to wordpress. org and link it.

Until then, I'm working here on this one.

So here it is.

Blog one. Musings. Sadness. Mourning.

And a new day. New Blog.

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