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Handwoven Table Runners Monk's Belt

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These are sweet handwoven table runners that are perfect to use as a centerpiece on the table. It’s woven using a wonderful tencel cotton blend as the warp (the long threads) with seacell linen yarn for the weft and mercerized cotton yarn that makes the pattern in Monk’s Belt overshot.

Teal Blue 11.5 wide by 22 hemmed.

Maroon 11.5 wide by 26 hemmed

Maroon/Teal/Yellow 11.5 wide by 32 hemmed

Brown/Purple/Yellow 11.5 wide by 32 hemmed

Teal Blue 11.5 wide by 38 hemmed

Weaving is my happy place. This isn't an easy process. I spend a lot of time pondering the patterns I want to weave and then I need to do the work of winding all the yarn into a warp and placing it onto the loom. Each piece of yarn is threaded through a reed and then the heddles. After all that, I wind the yarn on and barring no mistakes, I can then begin weaving. Many hours go into the process of weaving. Weaving is truly a labor of love
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