Hand Dyed Handwoven Tencel Scarf

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These scarves are scrumptious and delicious drapey eco friendly tencel with amazing sheen. I hand dyed the warp (the long threads) and then wove it into three scarves using different colors for the weft. This listing is for one scarf with fringe: 9x 75ish plus fringe. 

This is blues and greens and coppers and golds with some deep maroon/purple. The weft is a spicy red. 

There are longer “floats” on one side of the scarf which I didn’t plan. It looks cool, but it could snag if you have a Labrador who likes to jump on you (Eva, I’m looking at you). 

No other issues. 

I’ve done my best to capture the exact color. 

I took the images in natural light to best capture the color and tried to show it true.

If not I use my light box and try to show the best I can. 

Weaving is my happy place. This isn't an easy process. I spend a lot of time pondering the patterns I want to weave and then I need to do the work of winding all the yarn into a warp and placing it onto the loom. Each piece of yarn is threaded through a reed and then the heddles. After all that, I wind the yarn on and barring no mistakes, I can then begin weaving. Many hours go into the process of weaving. Weaving is truly a labor of love.

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